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This special version of Breitling superosean heritage II replica watch is limited to 50 pieces. It is designed in cooperation with Breitling’s boutique retail partners in Los Angeles to commemorate the opening of Replica Breitling’s new Breitling boutique in Beverly Hills outside the famous Rodeo Drive shopping avenue. The official name of this watch is Breitling replica superosean heritage B20 automatic 44 Beverly Hills Limited Edition (refer to ub20303a1b1s1). It is jointly built by westime, a long-term retail partner of Breitling in Los Angeles, and operates a new Breitling boutique.

Breitling SuperOcean heritage II replica watches 44 Beverly Hill Limited Edition starts with a larger 44mm wide SuperOcean heritage II shell and covers the base steel with bronze gray DLC (highly scratch resistant diamond-like carbon). The bezel is trimmed with 18K red gold, and the needle and hour hand are in matching red gold tone. This watch matches a black rubber strap with a mesh pattern similar to the existing mesh metal (Milan) bracelet. Today, super marine heritage is still the absolute best-selling watch series sold by Breitling replica. You can view my full comments on Breitling super clone marine heritage II B20 42 watch here.

Breitling Superocean Heritage II Replica Watches

Breitling replica watches are seeking the greatest global appeal, which is why many replica watches come in different sizes. Perhaps no company other than Breitling replica has spent so much time trying to produce replica watches of all sizes of the same model (sold at the same time). This strategy may confuse consumers with the current series of products, but in fact, it helps Breitling sell the same watches around the world, but can meet more special consumer preferences, such as case size. Therefore, this 44 mm wide Breitling replica superosean heritage II watch is roughly the same as the 42 mm wide watch, but slightly larger. The diver style watch is also waterproof for 200 meters. There is a dome sapphire crystal on the dial. The unidirectional rotary timing bezel adopts black ceramic inserts with gold tone marks engraved on the inserts.

In terms of style, most of the black tones of this watch are simple, while 18K red gold adds elegant warmth to it, bringing the original serious sports watch into the field of luxury style. In many ways, this limited edition supersean heritage II 44 of Beverly Hills is a very “Los Angeles watch”. It pays attention to masculine appearance and size, but it is undeniable that it has some flashiness. This black / gold watch is definitely suitable for their daily wear style. I would like to say that many additional strap options may help further change the personality of this watch.

Although the black rubber strap is of high quality (it matches a very good black metal unfolding buckle of Breitling), I think it is natural to think of this watch as a matching two-tone black and 18K red gold bracelet. Black and gold watches have been popular for some time, but they are still quite suitable by today’s standards. I look forward to its return.

The core of SuperOcean heritage series is Replica Breitling’s retro. Breitling replica has started its famous diving watch series since 1957. Today, Fake Breitling produces standard SuperOcean watches. Compared with modern and event themes, SuperOcean heritage series is more elegant and fashionable. Those looking for leisure luxury sports replica watches have found what they are looking for in the traditional style of Breitling SuperOcean. Fake Breitling has achieved great success in the past decade.

The interior of the watch is made by Tudor, a completely different watch brand and part of the Rolex watch family. The movement inside the watch is called Breitling caliber B20, but it is actually an mt5612 automatic movement produced by Tudor. It operates at 4Hz, has a power reserve of 70 hours, and has a COSC astronomical clock certificate. Tudor, in turn, used some timing watches with caliber B01 automatic timing movement made by Breitling. I jokingly call this situation “Swiss Movement exchange plan”, because the choice of movement exchange between the two brands is both novel and interesting for watch lovers.

Breitling superosean heritage replica watches can be seen everywhere. This Beverly Hills limited edition is just one of them – I’m glad this work reflects some of Breitling’s long-term relationships with Los Angeles and its retail partners. This watch can be purchased through Breitling website and Breitling boutique in Beverly Hills. The price of Replica Breitling superosean heritage B20 automatic 44 Beverly Hills limited edition reference ub20303a1b1s1 watch is US $145.