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BREITLING Valentine’s Day Replica Watch

Time endows lovers with the magical ability of heart to heart communication. The tacit understanding between actions and actions is the heart and love accumulated by long-term companionship. On Valentine’s day this year, the two star couples wear four lovers’ watches selected by Breitling replica watches as witness of their love, implying that time is the best gift for love.

Breitling Chronomat Replica watches

Famous actor Huang Jue and his wife Mai Zi jointly choose Breitling Chronomat Replica watches. This series has both elegant style and sports style. It is suitable for formal occasions such as meetings and dinners, as well as the leisure atmosphere of beaches and sports grounds.

The men’s Breitling Chronomat Replica watches B01 42 features a 42mm steel case with warm rose gold details. The appearance of the bezel is full of recognition in the 1980s. It is equipped with an iconic bezel indicator. The position of 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock can be freely interchanged to facilitate “timing” or “countdown”. Equipped with Breitling 01 automatic chain up movement, it can provide 70 hours of power storage.

Women’s Breitling Chronomat Replica watches automatic 36 with diamond inlaid rose gold bezel, copper dial after delicate sun embellishment, show the flow of light and shadow effect, for the 1980s retro design to inject modern flavor. The two-color watch chain adopts Breitling’s iconic butterfly buckle roll bead watch chain structure, which has excellent recognition. It is equipped with Breitling 10 movement and has 42 hours of power storage.

Breitling Navitimer replica watches

Pop singer Xianzi and her husband Li Mao choose to wear Breitling Navitimer replica watches. This series of wrist instruments is specially designed by BREITLING for pilots and aviation professionals in 1952. Their appearance is modern and full of sense of technology. Their unique personality meets their yearning for the sky.

The women’s Breitling Navitimer replica watches 1 automatic 38 is mainly in black. The large diameter of 38mm sets off women’s bold and capable personality. The two-way watch ring with novel bead string finish gives a more elegant interpretation to the ratchet edge teeth of the traditional pilot watch. It is equipped with Breitling 17 type automatic chain up movement and two-way ball bearing pendulum, which can provide 40 hours of power storage.

The men’s Breitling Navitimer replica watches 1 B01 46 is equipped with Breitling’s original circular flight slide rule. It has many practical functions of the pilot’s watch, which can be used to calculate the average flight speed, mileage, fuel consumption, climbing or descending rate, etc. 46mm fine steel case with eye-catching black and white dial, the dial layout is complex without losing the sense of order. Equipped with Breitling 01 automatic chain movement.