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This will not be a fair commentary on antique replica watches – far from it. I have, there is love, this is the timing instrument of Cheap Brettling Replica Watches in the 2022. I would like to explain here what makes me carry a 41mm watch, when I usually swear for my personal watch in a smaller size. Like all good love stories, this is not my plan: I found this Breitling in a small town in France, and it couldn’t move away. A few months later, I spent seven days in a row. In the days that followed, I could see it many times.

Let’s start with the most obvious: Breitling Replica Watches reference 765 AVI is not a small watch. Its diameter is 41 mm, which is much larger than most watches in the 1960s, even for pilots and drivers. For comparison, the contemporary Rolex Daytona is 36-37mm, while the AVI rival Breguet 20 is 38mm. Yes, in this story, the shadow of type 20 is unavoidable. The similarities between Breitling and Type 20 are not accidental. When Brettling first introduced Avi in ​​1953, he very much hoped to win a contract with the French army. However, because of the lack of complex factors in the return journey, the doors of Orikos, Brigitte, Dodan, and Visa were opened. They will continue to provide timetables for French fighters.

However, Avi’s less glorious fate did not stop me. in contrast. Believe the loser and realize how great it actually is. It is poetic. My Best Cheapest Breitling Replica AVI is not the first iteration of this line. Like many older Breitling chronos, the original configuration of the reference 765 AVI also has a black subregister. It even comes with a weird feature that is not seen on many other watches: A digital readout shows the timer’s running time, where you can usually see the date window. Later, it used a more standard layout, with two timer tickers (one for running seconds), and finally at many other Breitling timers, from Navitimer to the top, all found. Silvery.

The utilitarian nature of this “Breitling” will quickly come out, not just oversized examples. The legibility of the sleek black dial is impressive, and the large number of 3 o’clock dials clearly shows the focus. It is also worth noting that the 15-minute counter of the timer needs to be modified on the standard Venus 178, usually set to 30 minutes. Why go through a mechanical failure? This is where Breitling’s aviation roots are obvious. The 15 minutes is the exact time the aircraft was preflighted and used to clear the plane’s takeoff time. This also explains the unique lume dash in the sub registry every three minutes, making this routine as easy as possible for the pilots and technicians involved.

This unique design is very attractive in itself, but my Fake Breitling Watches has some extra stuff. As a Frenchman, I can’t resist it. Under the Breitling sign, you can see an additional “lip” signature, hand on the center fulcrum. These three letters may be subtle, but they play an important role in the history of watchmaking in my home country. “Lip” is a well-known French manufacturing product that offers quality watches at reasonable prices, from the elegant Dauphine to the sporty naut-ski. In the mid-20th century in France, this was a very important player. Everyone in Blancas and Breitling was looking for a locally assigned partnership that led to these double-signed figures.

This has caused us a very annoying problem, and I did not answer: How could it be that the watch was not an official from 1965 with the use of additional signatures, until 1966 and it did not enter full force until 1967 (according to most sources)? There are several possibilities. A simple explanation is that, over the years, the actual start date of the partnership has been confusing, even starting one or two years ago, or even informal. Another more likely explanation is that the purpose of the lipbreitling agreement was to import Breitling’s less popular watches from France from France, so the dial received a lip seal after its initial manufacturing date but was sold in it. Before giving customers. This watch is unpopular, just to get it so special today.

In any case, this watch was bought at some time in the late 1960s and stayed in the same house until I was lucky enough to stumble upon it. As the momentum of the quartz watch increases, it wears less and less and is completely forgotten for decades in the drawer. This is a more frequent watch route than you think, sometimes a source of beautiful old and new gemstones. With this watch, this watch is enough for you to wear a stunning watch.

I also found any original intimidation and I didn’t want to put the first scratch on the perfect border or the case of the first Ding became brittle for 40 years while the blocks wear less and properly enjoyed while retaining the original line that was mine Favorite. For example, this AVI still has a good example, with sharp lugs and a reverse Panda dial, only the light falls to the index. The steel frame is also consistent with the overall situation, with some wear to 8. Even with the second hand, using its slightly lighter lume, it shows that the watch once saw the light of my day on my wrist.

The size and rough style of this 765 AVI make it a perfect match for jeans and t-shirts. I am wearing a retro bracelet, but it is not the original bracelet, it looks very comfortable, or it is a softer NATO wristband, just like the actress Raquel Welch in Fathom. Like Raquel Welch, this was a connection that many British people were promoting. When the temperature is low, the belt may have some effect, but at this time of year, I will spend the weekend with NATO.

It’s probably very obvious now that I’m fascinated by this watch, so I won’t wax it for a while. To me, this Best Breitling Replica Watches shows everything I like about antique watches, mixed provenance, beautiful appearance, and some opportunities for details. Whenever I see the black dial, I cannot avoid returning to Paris, or imagine driving an airplane in the glamorous 1960s. Not a bad time capsule, right?

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